The introduction of new surgical procedures into clinical practice requires trials to assess their safety and efficacy. In addition, ongoing innovation extends their application to a broader spectrum of patients on both ends of the disease severity scale. This evolutionary process requires ongoing evaluation to assess the comparative effectiveness of these procedures to established alternatives.

Study Title Start Date Target Sample Size Study Portal
(For Investigators Only)
Electronic Data Capture System
(For Investigators Only)
Evaluating The Benefit Of Concurrent Tricuspid Valve Repair During Mitral Surgery (TR) May 2016 401 -- EDC
Anticoagulation for New-Onset Post-Operative Atrial Fibrillation after CABG (PACeS) Dec 2019 3200 Portal EDC
PACeS Digital Health Sub-study Jan 2022 500 -- --
Percutaneous or Surgical Repair In Mitral Prolapse And Regurgitation for ≥ 60 Year-Olds (PRIMARY) Mar 2022 450 Portal EDC
Embolic Protection in Patients Undergoing High Risk Valve Surgery (EMPRO) -- 842 Portal EDC
Long Term Follow Up for CTSN Mitral Valve Repair Studies May 2017 368 -- --
Effect of Left Posterior Pericardiotomy in Cardiac Surgery Patients (EPIC) TBD 650 -- --